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Post Beautification Burial

Posted 01/25/2013

Grave and Lot sales continue.  The first new lot sale with interment since the Cemetery’s beautification and restoration, occurred in September 2012.  Neighboring residents are impressed with the work being done at Greenwood Cemetery and the numbers of lot purchase inquiries are increasing daily.

To find out how you can purchase your grave lot at Knights of Pythias Greenwood Cemetery, please contact the cemetery manager- Joe Hevener at 215-533-2967.

New Fence

Posted 01/25/2013

Philadelphia Healthcare Properties, LLC contributed greatly to enhancing the cemetery’s curb appeal on Ramona Avenue (western border).   An outdated chain-link fence was replaced with 1.5 miles of faux wrought-iron perimeter fencing in April 2012. The new fence adds character to …

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Entrance Upgrade

Posted 01/25/2013

There have been significant upgrades to the entrance of the grounds.  These changes have greatly improved accessibility to burials.  New entrance gates were fabricated to match the original gates and new stone walls (piers) were built. Additionally, a new concrete …

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Posted 08/08/2012

Friends of Greenwood (FoG) will be at the cemetery from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM every Saturday (weather permitting) to assist visitors, do office work, and do work around the cemetery. If anyone wants to assist the cemetery and do Volunteer Work, this would be a perfect time to help. Scouts, need to complete a badge? We may be able to help. Students, need to complete community service? Greenwood Cemetery is the perfect place to do it. Adults, do you need fresh air, exercise and meet other people while restoring a historical cemetery? Please call the cemetery now.

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Letter from the President

Greenwood Cemetery’s website. Cemeteries are important historical assets that enlighten us about a community’s past. Rich in history and natural beauty, cemeteries are an irreplaceable part of our heritage. But most importantly, they are monuments to the people who once inhabited our communities.

Greenwood Cemetery has a vibrant past that was nearly forgotten, however, under new ownership and with the support of the community, Greenwood Cemetery is on the path of revitalization. Whether you live in the community or have a love of rural cemeteries we invite you to partner with us by volunteering at one of our events, posting suggestions, or by making a donation.

Our website also serves as a guide to the cemetery’s services, policies, and future products. We hope you enjoy the web visit and encourage you to e-mail us or stop by and visit.

Michelle Mardenborough
President, Knights of Pythias Greenwood Cemetery